1. The Yaffle & the Skylark.

    With an early rise today I found myself basking in morning light at Burrator Reservoir in Devon. It’s a beautiful place with tons to explore. I walked through ruins and pine forest, mixed broad-leaf woodland and crossed streams; skirted the lake and trekked over heathland. The first thing I heard on my travel to my delight was the call of two Green Woodpeckers ( a bird I have been trying to see for months now). They were calling to each other across a small valley. Long story short, a dog scared them off by running and barking at me so I didn’t get to see them. 

    Further along my travels I managed to film a Skylark performing it’s long hovering sing-off and then spent some time listening to it’s competitors while I rested on a rock overlooking the reservoir. A fantastic place to be before the world wakes up on a sunday. 

    A short while later I found myself in a warmly lit woodland clearing where I could clearly hear at least 3 Green Woodpeckers calling, and what sounded in the distance like a Greater spotted one drumming. I finally managed to take some fairly ropey shots of the elusive bird and feel like I should call heat magazine to report a Celebrity sighting. 

    p.s. I will probably stop posting such geeky things when I grow up.

    Next is my ropey photo of a Green Woodpecker. 

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